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We’re naturally curious over here, we are excited to try new food and drinks and share our inspiration with the world. This is a South African blog dedicated to fast and easy home cooked meals. We also have a Lifestyle section that is for all things not food related, including travel, living with depression and shopping sustainably.

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Soya Protein Shake

Soya Protein Shake During hard lockdown last year, I decided to finally start strength training. I have dumbbells that have been gathering dust in my cupboard, and I figured that hard lockdown was the best time to take up exercising and keep myself from going crazy. As a result, I had to up my protein … Continue reading Soya Protein Shake

Lemon-Garlic Spaghetti

Lemon-Garlic Spaghetti Ingredients: 1 handful of spaghetti 3 cloves of garlic 10ml lemon juice Salt Chilli oil or chilli flakes Method: Cook the pasta to your preference In a separate pan, heat up some oil and lightly fry the chopped garlic Make sure not to burn the garlic Once the spaghetti is cooked, add in … Continue reading Lemon-Garlic Spaghetti

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