Two easy tips on reducing waste in your kitchen

Some side notes about vegetable “scraps

I am not a big fan of wasting food. I have a compost hole in the back yard where are my food scraps go. But there are also some great things you can do with scraps. Today I want to share two tips with you.

First, instead of throwing away the potato peels from the soup, fry them in a bit of oil for a great crunchy snack. All you need to do is shallow fry them in some vegetable oil until they are crunchy, and then add some spices. My go-to spices are paprika salt and some cayenne pepper.

Second, with the ends of the leeks that you cut off, instead of throwing them away, put them in a bowl of water and watch them regrow. If you leave them in water and full sun they will grow out in about a week, and then you can replant them into a pot.  This is a great money-saver that I have learned.  

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