The adventures of a black Cat: A place to call home

Hey everyone, I would like to share the story of how this kitten stumbled into our life. Honestly I would have never thought that I would have a cat in my home but having always loved and appreciated their company my search would come to a halt one night while I was at work.

So I was working a quiet late shift at the hotel last year and remember my home girl calling to tell me that their is a black cat in our yard, now i just played it off as the neighbors cat or just one making their way through and resumed checking in guests to the hotel.

later i open my phone to see all the pictures of catto now in the house and chilling. that was so cool… like yay a cat has chosen to visit us.

i mean he was just the cutest black Bombay cat I’ve seen. so it was nice knowing that he passed by.

the videos and pictures just kept pouring in and it didn’t seem like he was in a rush to go anywhere, and also the clock seemed to be lax too… i still had 3 whole hours to go before i get to see him.

but he stayed put…

after all the hype, he just picked a spot and went to snooze city on the couch. sweet bean.

finally shift ended and I rushed home to see this sleeping traveler in our lounge. we thought that we should get him some chow for when he woke up but debated that he still needs to make his way back home and “what if he is someone else’s boy and gets comfy here?”

anyway since it was close to midnight and no stores are open. had to find a petrol station with a decent convenience store so i could find kibble. After 2 stops i finally found some can cat food (it looked like the fancy type, like the Gourmet of cat chow type) before this i have never had a cat of my own and thought milk was their go to (boy was i in for a surprise).

At last home… and there is this precious baby cat sleeping ever so gentle on the couch, it was heart warming to see. he woke up when i approached him and shy as cats are he back way, I mean fair enough.

we dished him some food and watched him gobble it down… shame after some time we realized that he was a wanderer and a bit sad.

he had some scars and his tongue was like bitten, and I think 2 ticks and some tummy worms. so either he is a runaway or a stray and needed help ASAP.

we tried to remove the ticks while he fought but we won and gave him a small towel bath. the belly problems would only be solved in the morning at the vet. made him a small blanket bundle for him to rest in and kept the window open in case he needed to go.

we stopped at the vet and got some medicine for his ticks and belly worm… it also never occurred to me that I should have checked if he was tagged as well.

one thing the vet also forgot was to tell me that feeding cats medicine is a hassle and their super advanced senses can smell it from a mile away. luckily my landlady figured out the hack after 2 puppers and a stubborn cat that we can team up and unfortunately force feed him the medicine (we succeeded) .

Now we have a clean, fed and semi healthy cat boy who is just about done with us…. yay!

eventually his worms left and he had no more ticks also with eating good and sleeping in a warm spot he was back up in no time.

Though all this he stayed and never left… he was free to go whenever he wanted by no, he stayed so we named him Angus and he is about 5 years old, never tagged but neutered and that’s how our our baby boy cat found a place to call home.

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