The story of Mother Dragon in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, this country has been a privilege to visit. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to go on a tour here. During the tour, we went on a boat ride to the caves, and we learned the beautiful story of mother dragon.

Ha Long translates to descending dragon. Many people in Vietnam believe to have descended from dragons. I think this is so cool. Anyway, as soon as it was established as a country, it became invaded by foreigners. In order to protect its people, the gods sent down mother dragon and her child dragons to fight for their people. As a defence, the dragons spat jewels and jade to throw off the invaders. These jewels turned into many islands, linking together to form a wall against their enemies, causing the enemies ‘ships to crash and sink. After the battle, the dragons decided to live peacefully in the bay, always keeping an eye on its people.

Also, there is a rock formation inside the cave, it is referred to as Mother´s breast, and I think you know why.

Also, a few other cool pictures from inside the cave. The cave that we were in is also rumoured to have an entrance to hell.

And this scary mf is the guard to hell I think

See if you can spot mother dragon.

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