Salad Niçoise

Are you feeling like something filling that doesn’t take forever to make and that won’t leave you with a pile of dishes? This salad is definitely for you.

I have a confession, the only reason I know of this salad is because of the movie White Chicks, not because I went to hospitality school (which I did) and not because I have worked in dozens of restaurants and hotel over the last decade (which I also did) So thank you to Shaun and Marlon Wayans for introducing me to this salad.

At least I haven´t been to France yet and not heard of it! However I do have a close friend who lives in France and he approves of my recipe. Bon appétit!


For the salad

4 eggs

1 bunch of Radishes

1 cup of Green beans

½ Cucumber

½ Cup of olives (pitted is preferred)

1 cup of Rocket leaves

250g Baby potatoes

For the vinaigrette

50ml white vinegar

30ml Olive oil

20ml Dijon mustard


Start off by boiling your baby potatoes with the skin on until they are tender. This takes about 15 minutes. Once they are cooked, leave them aside to cool

Also start boiling your eggs as they take the longest. Once they are cooked, cut them into halves

Cut the radishes into quarters, scrape the seeds out of the cucumber and cut into half moons

In a separate bowl, mix together the ingredients for the dressing, also add in some salt and black pepper to your liking

Mix the green beans in the vinaigrette and put on the plate or bowl you are going to serve the salad on

Next, mix the rocket leaves in the vinaigrette and also put them on the plate. Repeat this with the potatoes and the radishes and cucumber

Top the salad with the hard boiled eggs and olives

Serve the salad with the remainder of the vinaigrette

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