Fluffy Omelettes

I had hospitality as a subject in high-school, and even before I went to college to study further, I already learned some pretty cool things, one of them was how to make an omelette, but not just any old omelette, a super fluffy one. The trick to making one (which I will explain in the recipe) is so simply and useful, and yet I have never seen anyone else do it, not in college, not on Masterchef, not Gordon Ramsay, nothing. To think that such an easy technique is not taught by people all over the world is such a shame…Listen to me preaching about eggs. Let’s get started on the recipe, shall we?


2 large or jumbo eggs

50ml of milk or unsweetened soy milk

Salt pepper and paprika

fresh parsley


Separate the yolk and the whites of both the eggs

In a separate bowl, whisk the egg whites until stage two, this is where the whites become foamy, but not stiff like when you´re making meringue.

Mix the egg whites back in with the yolks, add the milk and seasoning and beat well.

Coat your pan with Cook n Bake or any not stick cooking spray.

Let the pan heat up completely before pouring the mixture in

Once you have poured it into the pan, reduce the heat on the stove.

This takes quite a while, for me it usually takes about 15 minutes, but trust me, a low slow cook is the best way to get an omelette to rise and become super thick and fluffy.

Garnish the omelette with fresh parsley.

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