Crispy Vegan Potato Skins

vegan potato skins

I am a big fan of anything to do with potatoes, fries, mash, baked, jacket, you name it, I’ll eat it. I am also someone who does not like to waste food or food scraps. I don´t really remember who taught me how to fry potato skins, instead of throwing them away, but wow, what a revelation! This is a great snack if you are someone who loves snaking while they cook (guilty) or a great mini side dish to whatever other tasty dish you are making.


Left over potato peels

oil for frying

paprika and salt for seasoning


Heat up the oil in a small pot

Add in the potato peels and fry them until golden brown

Remove them from the oil and let the excess oil soak off on a kitchen towel

season with salt and paprika

Serve hot and crunchy

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