Basil Penne

basil penne

This is one of those delicious dishes that only have a few ingredients, and yet, it always comes out very flavourful. I think we can thank the Italians for teaching us how to balance flavours and using less ingredients to make a powerful dish.

basil penne


1 cup of uncooked penne pasta

1 handful of fresh basil

1 stock cube dissolved in water

salt and pepper

1 clove of garlic

olive oil


Julienne carrots


Baby marrows


Cook the pasta in the stock until al dente

Drain the water but keep it aside

In a separate pan, fry the mushrooms, carrots and baby marrows. Add in a little of the stock/pasta water to give it more flavour

Season the vegetables the way you like, I use garlic, paprika and chilli

Add the cooked pasta into the pan with the vegetables and cook for 5 more minutes

Add in the basil leaves

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