vetkoek (south African fried dough)

Vetkoek, Magwenya, Fatcake, Amagwinya. Make it. eat it. love it.

Vetkoek; every South African knows it, every South African (hopefully) loves it. It´s a staple here. I am sure many many countries have their own version of fried dough, and a way of eating it that makes it delicious. Here, you can eat it sweet or savoury, and you can eat it any time of day. I personally loveee mine with soy mince and some cheese. But there is nothing wrong with slathering it with some honey and eating it with your bare hands.

In this recipe I used store-bought vetkoek mix and and made them at home, you can do the same, or you can buy ready made dough, or you can make your own.


1 packet of vetkoek mix, or a packet of vetkoek dough

Oil for frying

Salt and pepper


Make the dough according to the packet instructions. If you bought ready made dough, all you need to do is roll the dough on a floured surface, separate the dough into equal sized balls and flatten them with your hands. You can roll them out or stretch them by hand

Heat up vegetable oil in a large pot suitable for frying

Slowly put the vetoek into the oil, usually 3-4 fit in a pot, depending on the size

Fry them until they are golden brown, and then flip them over in the oil and let them fry on the other side

Make sure the oil is not to hot, otherwise the vetkoek will turn dark very fast, but will still be raw on the inside

Drain on paper towels

Slice open and serve with your favourite filling

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