Soya Protein Shake

Soya Protein Shake

I got the idea to start making soya protein shakes for breakfast in addition to my normal eggs and toast.

During hard lockdown last year, I decided to finally start strength training. I have dumbbells that have been gathering dust in my cupboard, and I figured that hard lockdown was the best time to take up exercising and keep myself from going crazy.

As a result, I had to up my protein intake after a workout. I am a pesceterian and I have always been concerned about getting enough protein every day, and now I needed even more.

strawberry shake

Hello soy protein powder! I use this brand, and not only is it the cheapest powder I have found, it also has the most protein per 10g serving (8,4g per 10 g).

I started experimenting with different flavours, and my go-to is this recipe below for the perfect soya protein shake!


30g of soy protein powder

1 banana

2 passion fruit (granadilla)

100ml soy milk

100g double cream yoghurt

250ml water


Add all the ingredients to a tall mixing container and blend well with an immersion blender until the protein powder has dissolved and all the ingredients are mixed well

Option to add in crushed ice before you start to blend. PS this shake goes great with some Fluffy Omelettes!

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