How to Reduce Waste in your Kitchen

This is the ultimate guide on how to easily reduce waste in your kitchen. Learn how to utilize scraps and make the most of your food.

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how to reduce food waste in your kitchen

I am not a big fan of wasting food. I have a compost hole in the back yard where are my food scraps go. But there are also some great things you can do with scraps. Today I want to share two tips with you.

Reducing waste in your kitchen and in your everyday life has become quite common, and far easier to accomplish than a few decades ago. There is so much information and great resources dedicated to helping you make your home a little more green.

My personal favourite tip was creating my first compost bin. I read some great articles on how to get started, and in a weeks weeks I was a composting pro. Although, I have to be honest, it is not easy to do when you live in a flat, or a house with no outside space.

I have read many articles on buzzfeed on how to compost when you have a small kitchen, but honestly, it is not feasible. Why? Because the cute little counter top compost bin you can buy off Amazon, will fill up after one day and it will not smell great.

so sad…

Composting is easy to start and maintain, but you really do need space where you can store a large bin. When you have a bin bin full of soil, the food scraps will compost faster than you can fill the bin.

Here is a great article on how to get started with your first compost bin!

Another fantastic tip that I have learned to to use as much of the fruit or vegetable as you possibly can. There are some great suggestions out there, and making crispy potato skins is one of my favourites.

Check out my recipe here.

First, instead of throwing away the potato peels from the soup, fry them in a bit of oil for a great crunchy snack. All you need to do is shallow fry them in some vegetable oil until they are crunchy, and then add some spices. My go-to spices are paprika salt and some cayenne pepper.

Second, with the ends of the leeks that you cut off, instead of throwing them away, put them in a bowl of water and watch them regrow. If you leave them in water and full sun they will grow out in about a week, and then you can replant them into a pot.  This is a great money-saver that I have learned.  

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