Easy to make, Easy to store: Pickled Beets

how to Pickle Beets

This is an easy instructional article on how to pickle your own beets at home. This method is tried, tested and delicious.

I love beetroot, it is so yum, it´s a cool colour, it jazzes up a salad. All around great veggie.

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I enjoy doing things myself, it is not necessarily cheaper, faster OR easier, but for me, it is about being able to say, hey I can do this at home.

Pickling beets is really easy, and it can last for months in the fridge. So let´s get started.

A quick side note before we get started, all of the recipes I have read about pickling beets, they tell you to cook the beets with the skin on because once it is soft and cooked, it will be easy to peel. This is absolutely true.

However, the problem with this is when you cook them with the skin on, it takes over an hour on high heat for them to soften, this is a waste of time and electricity. We have a gas stove, so it is still a waste. Gas is expensive. Peel them before you cook them, it cuts your cooking time down to 20 minutes.

What you´ll need

1kg of beets




Peel all the beetroot. Slice in half.

Add to a pot with 1l of water

Boil until soft

Slice into cubes

Add into a glass jar

Fill with water. Leave a little room at the top or some vinegar and salt.

I usually add 100ml of vinegar and one teaspoon of salt.

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