“The truth that we can heal, we must learn again. Medicine is in our hearts and also in the heart of which we call the universe”

– Nikola Tesla

Nikola Spamer

Author and Creator

First time blogger, this blog is my baby and I want to see it grow. I am dedicated to trying new and easy recipes and sharing them with you. Home cooking is very personal to me. Not all of us have the opportunity or the time to make lavish and expensive meals.

Most of us are looking for delicious, nutritious meals that are suitable not only for us, but for our families whose needs differ from our own. This blog is very special to me. I am dedicated to showing you how to make wonderful, comforting meals without breaking the bank or spending hours in the kitchen. Meals should be shared with the ones we love.

I am an ex-hospitality worker, during lockdown I became a tutor to young children. I am also a big reading, my favourite books include 1984, IT, Odd Thomas and basically anything ever published by Mills & Boon.