Maultaschen (German Filled Pasta)

Maultaschen (German Filled Pasta) Maultaschen This is a simple, yet fantastic recipe for Maultaschen, made with a hearty vegan broth. Easy to make, one pot and ready in 45 minutes. Maultaschen in Brühe Happy Autumn everyone! Now you may be thinking, autumn? Huh? She´s been complaining about winter for months, and suddenly it´s Autumn, is … Continue reading Maultaschen (German Filled Pasta)

French Salad Dressing

French Salad Dressing This is an easy to follow recipe for some great home-made salad dressing. This French-inspired salad dressing is made with simple ingredients you already have in your house. Vegan and GF. When you think of salad dressing, your first thought is probably about something that is bought in a grocery store. I … Continue reading French Salad Dressing


VEGAN BROCCOLI AND LEMON PASTA This recipe is the ultimate two-pot go to meal. Vegetarian broccoli and lemon pasta, can be made vegan. Ready in 30 minutes. This is a great mid-week meal. Best served with a crunchy salad and some fresh bread. We are teetering on the edge of summer, or so I keep … Continue reading VEGAN BROCCOLI AND LEMON PASTA

Vegetarian Mushroom Quiche

Vegetarian Mushroom Quiche This vegetarian mushroom quiche is a great one-dish recipe, vegetarian, gluten free and is ready in 45 minutes. It is perfect as a main dish for dinner, or as a side dish for any occasion. It is still not summer. Sigh. I feel like this post-winter weather is just never ending. We … Continue reading Vegetarian Mushroom Quiche

Vegetarian White Bean Chilli

Vegetarian White Bean Chilli When I think of Chilli, I think American cuisine, BBQ, Corn Bread and summer vibes. It doesn't really evoke any memories of South Africa. I also don´t have any emotional connection to the dish. The reason I tried to make it was of course because of Pinterest! Without Pinterest I would … Continue reading Vegetarian White Bean Chilli

Linguine con le Cozze – Linguine with Mussels

Linguine con le Cozze - Linguine with Mussels For us less fancy folks, this is simply linguine with mussels. As you can see by my recent posts, I am going through a pasta phase, (check out my delicious Aglio e Olio recipe) it is spring here, finally, and I think I am just getting some … Continue reading Linguine con le Cozze – Linguine with Mussels

How to: Cook Pasta the right way

How to: Cook Pasta the right way Ah pasta, we all know it and love it. But do we all know how to cook it properly? Pasta has been around for such a long time, every country has their own way of cooking it. I am sure an Italian Nona is yelling somewhere at people … Continue reading How to: Cook Pasta the right way

Vegetarian Broccoli and Cauliflower Soup

Vegetarian Broccoli and Cauliflower Soup It is still winter here is South Africa, sigh. I feel like every recipe I write starts off by telling all of you that it is cold and miserable here. I suppose it makes for some good experiments and new, hearty recipes. Today is broccoli and cauliflower soup day. Again, … Continue reading Vegetarian Broccoli and Cauliflower Soup

One Pot Fish Head Soup

one pot Fish Head Soup If you read this heading, and your first reaction was eugh, you are not alone. I never thought this dish would be something that I would like (how ignorant of me) and it has proved me wrong. Fish head soup is so easy to make, it is also an example … Continue reading One Pot Fish Head Soup