Vegan Glass Noodle Salad

vegan glass noodle salad with fresh vegetables Vegan Glass Noodle Salad This vegan glass noodle salad is the perfect dish for when you are craving something, but you don´t exactly know what. It is gluten free and ready in 15 minutes! This noodle salad has become a weekend favourite of mine, when I am in … Continue reading Vegan Glass Noodle Salad

Easy to make, Easy to store: Pickled Beets

how to Pickle Beets This is an easy instructional article on how to pickle your own beets at home. This method is tried, tested and delicious. I love beetroot, it is so yum, it´s a cool colour, it jazzes up a salad. All around great veggie. I enjoy doing things myself, it is not necessarily … Continue reading Easy to make, Easy to store: Pickled Beets

Vegan Power Bowl

Vegan Power Bowl This vegan power bowl is the perfect go-to lunch or dinner meal. It is quick and easy to make and really flavourful. It will definitely leave you sated and satisfied. Why I haven't thought of typing a power bowl recipe sooner is beyond me. I eat one almost every day. I am … Continue reading Vegan Power Bowl

French Salad Dressing

French Salad Dressing This is an easy to follow recipe for some great home-made salad dressing. This French-inspired salad dressing is made with simple ingredients you already have in your house. Vegan and GF. When you think of salad dressing, your first thought is probably about something that is bought in a grocery store. I … Continue reading French Salad Dressing

Warm Couscous and Vegetable Salad

warm couscous and vegetable salad For those days when you are not in the mood for cooking, this couscous recipe is perfect for that. Sometimes you are not in the mood to cook, but those instant noodles just don´t hit the spot. This recipe is great for warming your belly, and is also nutritious. Ingredients: … Continue reading Warm Couscous and Vegetable Salad

South African Potato Salad

Potato salad I think potato salad is such a great dish,it is much-loved around the world, not just here in South Africa. Every country has its own variation too, which is great, because you can always learn something new by trying another region´s version, and who know, you might end up liking that one even … Continue reading South African Potato Salad

Mediterranean Salad

four ingredient Mediterranean salad This four ingredients salad is the perfect main meal or side dish. Made with fresh ingredients, it is vegetarian and gluten free. This salad has become on of my favourite side dishes. I will be honest, I am sick of tired of watery, flavourless lettuce. I have decided to leave it … Continue reading Mediterranean Salad

Salad Niçoise

Salad Niçoise This is a classic French niçoise salad made with radishes, olives, hard boiled eggs and rocket leaves. It is best served with a home made vinaigrette. Are you feeling like something filling that doesn’t take forever to make and that won’t leave you with a pile of dishes? This salad is definitely for … Continue reading Salad Niçoise

Spicy Chakalaka Pasta Salad

Spicy Chakalaka Pasta Salad This spicy chakalaka pasta salad is a great South African recipe made with macaroni and delicious relish called chakalaka. One pot recipe. Like most days, and I get bored and wonder what I am going to make for lunch or dinner. I was in the mood for something hearty, but it … Continue reading Spicy Chakalaka Pasta Salad

Warm Vegetable Salad

warm vegan vegetable salad A delicious and nourishing warm vegetable salad. it can be made fresh or with last night's leftover vegetables. This is a nice and simple midweek meal; it can be served as a main or as a side dish with your favourite protein. I had mine with a nice warm garlic roll, … Continue reading Warm Vegetable Salad