French Bread

not-so-French French bread So here in South Africa, you can definitely buy traditional baguettes, but most of us go to the bakery and buy what we call French Loaves. It´s a long loaf of bread, usually 30cm or 50cm long and it is very cheap, about R16( $1) a loaf. During hard lockdown, I got … Continue reading French Bread

Paul Hollywood´s Baguettes

Baking is definitely not my strong suit, I fool around in the kitchen and I don`t follow the recipe, and then I get mad because my baking is a flop. It`s a vicious, stupid cycle.During lockdown I binge watched a lot of Great British Bake Off, in one episode, the poor contestants had to bake … Continue reading Paul Hollywood´s Baguettes

Traditional South African Corn Bread (Mieliebrood)

________________________________________________________________________________________________ Who does not love a freshly baked little loaf of bread on a weekend? This recipe is fantastic, you can swap out ingredients without compromising the taste of the bread. Corn bread, or mieliebrood as we call it here in South Africa, is a delicious snack, side dish, or late night snack. You can … Continue reading Traditional South African Corn Bread (Mieliebrood)

The Bestest banana Bread

vegan banana bread Soooo I bought 1.5 kg of bananas on special at Pick and Pay and they literally went mushy in two days. Fook. But not all is lost, banana bread for the win. I struggled to find a nice method of making banana bread without adding sugar. Another reason I don’t like to … Continue reading The Bestest banana Bread

Idiot Proof Bread-rolls

Idiot Proof Bread-rolls When I say Idiot-proof, I do mean idiot proof (which also includes tipsy proof and I-don't-know-how-to-bake-proof.) I am not a baker, occasionally I will try out a quick bread or tart recipe, but my heart lies with cooking. Fast Forward to a few weeks ago when I was making a delicious vegetable … Continue reading Idiot Proof Bread-rolls