Vegan Overnight Oats

Vegan Overnight Oats An easy no-cook oats recipe. Perfect for mornings where you are in a hurry. 1 cup uncooked oats100 ml soy milk1 banana1 tsp vanilla extract Use a glass jar for this recipe.Add the oats into the jar.Pour the milk over the oats, add in the vanilla extract. Add room temperature water to … Continue reading Vegan Overnight Oats

Vegan Banana Oats

Banana Oats Vegan Banana Breakfast Oats Saucepan 80 grams rolled oats1 teaspoon salt1 whole banana100 ml soy milk500 ml water Bring water to the boil in a small saucepanAdd in the rolled oatsAdd in the saltCook until all the water is absorbedAdd in soy milkSpoon oats into a bowlThinly slice the bananaTop the oats with … Continue reading Vegan Banana Oats

Soya Protein Shake

Soya Protein Shake During hard lockdown last year, I decided to finally start strength training. I have dumbbells that have been gathering dust in my cupboard, and I figured that hard lockdown was the best time to take up exercising and keep myself from going crazy. As a result, I had to up my protein … Continue reading Soya Protein Shake

Vegan Cocoa Oats

Vegan cocoa oats Ingredients: 1 cup of Faithful to Nature´s uncooked oats 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder salt 1 banana Method: Cook the oats in boiling water, add just enough water to cover the oats. Add in more water bit by bit. This will make it cook faster Add salt to your taste When the … Continue reading Vegan Cocoa Oats


The other day, I was making a home made spicy tomato relish for my sister´s birthday (don´t even ask how I got roped into doing that) and I had a tin of leftover tomatoes. Rather than putting it in the fridge and forgetting about it until it grew a beard, I made some Shakshuka with … Continue reading Shakshuka