Vermicelli Stir-Fry

vegan vermicelli stir-fry As per usual, here is another recipe for cold lazy nights where you don´t want to spend the entire evening in front of the stove. This is not technically a one-pot recipe, as you need to cook the noodles separately, but in the end it all goes in one pan, so that … Continue reading Vermicelli Stir-Fry

Easy Vegetarian Garlicky Noodles

Easy Vegetarian Garlicky Noodles I get lazy just like everyone else does, and on those days I tend to make my favourite go-to dish; two minute noodles. It is amazing what you can do with these noodles if you leave out the flavour packet and add other things into it. Even just adding garlic to … Continue reading Easy Vegetarian Garlicky Noodles

Thai red coconut curry noodles

vegan Thai red coconut curry noodles Ingredients: One packet Egg noodles or 3 packets of 2 minute noodles if you’re broke like me, lol1 tin of coconut milk (400ml)Fresh garlic and gingerCoriander leaves350 ml Vegetable stock1 spoon Thai red curry paste or curry powder if you´re still broke Method: Heat oil in a pan. Add … Continue reading Thai red coconut curry noodles