Vetkoek – Traditional South African Fried Dough

vetkoek (south African fried dough) Vetkoek, Magwenya, Fatcake, Amagwinya. Make it. eat it. love it. Vetkoek; every South African knows it, every South African (hopefully) loves it. It´s a staple here. I am sure many many countries have their own version of fried dough, and a way of eating it that makes it delicious. Although … Continue reading Vetkoek – Traditional South African Fried Dough

Spicy Chakalaka Pasta Salad

Like most days, and I get bored and wonder what I am going to make for lunch or dinner. I was in the mood for something hearty, but it was such a strange day (weather wise), so I wanted something cold too, and so the chakalaka pasta salad was born. Not that I am taking … Continue reading Spicy Chakalaka Pasta Salad